TDO Media

Troy taking picturesPhotography: the art, the practice, the occupation of taking pictures and producing them on photosensitive paper or creating digital images.”

Oh, but is it so much more at TDO Media.  It is a passion.

What started as a diversion, a hobby, became a fascination and an objective with one goal. That goal is to perfect and serve my customers, friends and family by capturing their moments, feelings, expressions, emotions, movements and views in customized photography at an affordable price. TDO Media specializes in the following categories:

Portraits – Senior Pictures – Sports (Motocross, Skiing, Team sports) – Pets –  Business photos (for web sites, brochures, posters, etc.) – Lifestyle –  Significant Events

TDO Media works to make the photo shoot a fun, comfortable experience.  Then, we work with you to help you select the best set of photos for your unique needs.  We prep the photos and deliver them to you on CD, electronically or printed based on your specific needs.


. . . . . . . . . . Photography done with a passion…To bring life to your memories